Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Name

Central Florida Ventriloquist is now Florida Ventriloquist Association!
The change is due to the number of members who are actually outside the Central Florida area and so after ten years we make this change to better represent our members!

Florida Ventriloquist Association

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Central Florida Ventriloquist Association is a group of professional and amateur ventriloquists who meet to educate and learn about the art of ventriloquism.
Started on March 23rd of 1997 by founding members Aunita Padgett, Jacki Manna, Kay Watts and Jim “Jungle Jimmy” Venezio who served as CFVA’s first President. Meetings were first held in Casselberry but later they moved to “The Magic Shop” which was owned by one of the members, Mike Palma. When the shop was closed the meetings went traveling and are held in various homes of members in the Central Florida area. The membership ebbs and flows and at one time included a group of clowns from the Villages.

So that means that next March is the tenth anniversary!!! WOO HOO!


Central Florida Ventriloquist Association

Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007 meeting with Jimmy Nelson

Well I hope everyone had a great time. Not only was it great to have Jimmy and Betty join us but I hope that you all enjoyed the camaraderie of the meeting. It’s always such a boost to me to be with others who enjoy the art of ventriloquism and understand my passion for it. I hope that this meeting encourages you all to come to meetings when you can make it and share your knowledge and learn from others who may have a trick or two to teach you.


"President" of CFVA

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dieter-Lee Watson came to visit!

For those of you who don't know, awhile back our member Al Stevens took on the task of building a figure for an autistic boy in England. Well the family came to Florida to let Dieter swim with the Dolphins and while here a few of our members visited with them as well.
I arrived early as I live the closest and then waited for Al and Judy to come before going in. We were greeted with hugs from both Susan and Dieter-Lee or Dee as they often called him. We talked about Dee's condition and Al and Judy's son and the differences in how Autism affects people. All the while Dee was going from person to person and would say; "talk," indicating he wanted to hear Rufus or Dexter speak. When I made Fred talk Dee came over and put his ear to Fred's mouth. Mike, Dieter-Lee's father, said "he never does that when I do it." I took that as a great compliment. I think I hit it off with Mike, talking about movies and old television shows that have been "imported" to American TV.
Dano arrived after calling for direction and brought in an Axtell bird and a soft punk rock figure that Dieter seemed to think was funny. When Donald arrived Dieter anxiously hurried Percy's escape from his suitcase and even though he said nothing, I think Don got just a little nervous for his newest figure that was hand-carved by Conrad Hartz.
After the house visit we all went to lunch and the conversation flowed like we were all old friends.
Dieter-Lee is a sweet affectionate child and it touched you that he seemed so glad to have us there.


Friday, October 20, 2006

We will have guests at the January 2007 meeting.

I have asked ventriloquist legend Jimmy Nelson to come to the first meeting of the year in January of 2007 and he has agreed to do it. Be on your best behavior and lets make this a wonderful experience for Jimmy and his wife Betty who will also be attending.

The plan is to meet a restaurant and if there are any charges for using the room we will all be making a donation to cover the cost as well as paying for our guests luncheon. I plead with everyone to try and attend this is a once in a lifetime chance to meet Jimmy on a intimate level and talk with him about the heyday of ventriloquism. Thank you all for your cooperation.

We will be discussing plans at the November 2006 meeting.